We make building products to keep structures dry and safe.


Pre-applied systems to seal the building footprint.
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Pre-applied systems to seal vertical walls in all types zero lot line conditions.
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Post-applied systems to seal freestanding walls.
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Post-applied system to seal podium decks, planters, and green roofs.
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Our Process

Epro utilizes a unique approach to building envelope protection, which we call Redundant Field-Installed Composite Design. This approach leverages multiple types of materials to make buildings dry and safe.


E.Series provides developers, designers, and contractors the ability determine what performance requirements best meet their site specific conditions. Our E.Protect+, E.Protect, and E.Proformance assemblies help simplify the process.


The E.Assurance warranty program provides building owners the peace of mind of knowing that any ingress of water will be covered by a No Dollar Limit warranty.

Contaminated Land

Sites with contaminated soil or groundwater present unique challenges to protecting the building envelope. Methane gas, petroleum hydrocarbons, and chlorinated volatile organic compounds require a waterproofing system that is specially designed to withstand contamination and water.

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