EPRO Acquires Kingfield Construction Products


We make the products that keep buildings dry and safe…for life.


A proven and economical hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt solution for deck waterproofing


Dial in the right level of below grade waterproofing protection for the job.


Whatever your project needs, E.Series by EPRO has a system to meet the demanding requirements of modern day construction.

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Blindside Shoring Walls

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The standard, proven system for sites with low risk.

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The advanced solution for an ideal compromise between performance and budget.

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The ultimate protection where performance is paramount.

Dial in the right level of protection.

For each application, EPRO offers standard, advanced, and ultimate protection systems designed to align perfectly with your site conditions, construction methodology, budget requirements, and the level of protection you desire.

No single material should ever be relied upon to effectively waterproof a building or protect it from ground contamination. Rely on EPRO to ensure that your building remains dry and safe.

Submit your site conditions today and simplify the process with a no obligation assessment and recommendation from EPRO or Find a Local Rep in your area.