Pre-Applied Underslab


When: Underslab protection is needed for structures with hydrostatic conditions, sites with potential hydrostatic conditions that may also contain the threat of methane gas, or contaminant vapor intrusion.

Designed for structures with the following foundation types: pile, pad, mat, strip footings, grade beams, and buildings with moisture sensitive flooring or finishes.

E.Protect+ underslab maximizes redundancy by combining the benefits of e.base 316 (16 mil HDPE thermoplastic membrane with heat welded seams), a 100 mil layer of e.spray (polymer modified asphaltic membrane), and e.shield 205b (HDPE reinforced bentonite sheet).  In hydrostatic conditions this system will terminate a minimum of 3’ past the design water table to insure maximum protection.

E.Protect underslab assembly blends the characteristics of E.Protect+ and E.Profomance.  The base course consists of e.base 205 (a HDPE membrane thermally bonded to a geotextile fabric), an 80 mil layer of e.spray (polymer modified asphaltic membrane), and e.shield 205b (a HDPE reinforced bentonite sheet). E.Protect is appropriate for underslab waterproofing protection, but where site conditions or budget considerations might not require maximum protection.

E.Proformance underslab assembly consists of a 60 mil layer of e.spray (polymer modified asphaltic membrane) sandwiched between the e.base 205 base sheet and e.shield 205 top sheet (HDPE membranes thermally bonded to a geotextile fabric). E-Proformance underslab is ideal for moisture protection on sites that may also contain methane gas, contaminated soil, or contaminated groundwater.


When performance is paramount.


Ideal blend between performance and budget considerations.


Proven systems for sites with lower risk.

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