Dave Polk and his partners founded EPRO in 1993 after being introduced to the building materials business. With backgrounds in several different types of foundation products, our founders realized they had something special with the development of a water-based spray-applied polymer modified asphaltic emulsion. We grew quickly as our products were refined and a track record of success was established.

Knowing that having a great product was only a small component of our identity, we thrived because of our desire to respond quickly to the needs of our clients. We worked diligently to understand the continual challenges our clients faced in the field and we were passionate about our products’ impact on building envelope protection.

There is no magical formula for our success. It was actually very simple. We listen to our clients and continually work to refine products to meet the growing demands of modern day construction. We are there when the project goes well, when challenges arise, and when we are needed after installation.

We will provide you with the best possible solution for your project needs and be there for you throughout the process. We support our products with the best warranties available in the industry, and we use our nearly 25 years of experience to ensure that each project is a success.

Our Process

For nearly 25 years we have developed waterproofing systems to keep structures dry and occupants safe. We believe that fabricating systems in the field and seeking to maximize redundancy provides the best building envelope protection. This is a concept we call redundant field-installed composite design. The principles that guide this design philosophy are: minimize the number of seams, fully adhere the system to the substrate, utilize multiple waterproofing materials to create redundancy, and create value through efficient installation methods.

The redundant field-installed composite design concept enables design professionals to address a wide variety of project conditions ranging from simple low-risk foundations with nuisance water, to complex foundations with hydrostatic conditions and contaminated soil or groundwater. These membrane systems may be applied in pre-applied conditions to seal foundation slabs or shoring walls, and in post-applied applications to freestanding concrete walls or podium decks.


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